Words carry inestimable power. The ability to know this and find effective ways of putting words together is a great communication skill that needs honing because you’ll someday, reap its true worth and value. When all else shall fail, only words will remain.

Your word is you; by your words you shall be condemned; by same you shall be justified. If your thoughts become you and are inseparable from you, and if your words are your thoughts expressed, how powerful can your words be?

The words we utter never go away. If this premise defines the Maker, same applies to the man that HE made in HIS own image. If the Word of God is God, then the word of Paul is Paul, just as the thought of Paul is Paul. Your word is you. In life, your words define you and stand for or against you.

The evidence that you are alive is that your words are being heard when you voice them but when you transit to another dimension or literally die, your words cease physically but they never go away.

If a man’s words can be recorded and played back, it’s only a replication of the spiritual. Recall the scripture says that men shall give account of every idle word they speak on the Day of Judgment? From where shall the words be found and used as witness against them? Aren’t they recorded somewhere in man’s archives within man?

Think deeply about this a while. The recorder is your own very spirit which is the candle of the Maker to search your bowel. I know you never thought of this. When a man dies, his spirit returns to its Source. Why? It’s the hard disk where all activities he engaged in were recorded since he was born. It’s like the Black Box of an aircraft. It records and preserves the history of activities on a flight.

 We must check our thoughts; we must be careful what we say; we must process our thoughts before we utter them; we must think before we speak because, words, once spoken, can never be taken back.

How do you explain daily affirmations that men believe in and work towards coming to pass in their lives? It is the same with the negative. Speak blessings; not curses. Now, whatever you give comes back to you in folds; and it’s who you are, what you are and have that you give. You cannot give otherwise.

The power in words cannot be estimated. This present world was formed from nothing by the Word. The world and everything that is in it was spoken into existence. Ponder that a while. We must therefore always bless; not curse because whatever we say manifests. In due season, it will come to pass.

 I was involved in a car crash less than 48 hours after I made a negative statement in anger against my wife, during a disagreement. As soon as it happened, my words came back to me. I learned a very hard lesson about the power of words.

Be careful what you say but more importantly, be careful what you preoccupy your thoughts with.