cerebral quotes 43

The progressive development of the thinking faculty grants access to curative awareness but man must gradually shed the impurities of the mundane and commit to becoming like the Higher Self to attain perfection of the faculty

Awareness is itself curative. This is a very fundamental scriptural truth because the Master said: “Ye shall know the truth; and the truth shall make you free.” For man to get to the point where he knows definitely that his awareness of specific truth or knowledge can set him free from any specific or general bondage, he must have given himself over to learning and the development of his thinking faculties in that area or otherwise.

Serious and deep thinking is one that can truly set man free from any kind of bondage or situation because the realm of thought connects with the mind, spirit and soul and it works for physical healing because the strength is from within and inner strength is the Premium of all strengths. It is true power because it holds authority, if developed and tested by experience.

Raymond Holliwell said: “The practice of clear thinking tends to clarify the mind, tones up the faculties, sharpens the perceptions, and gives one a stronger and better grasp of the basic essentials for a larger and richer life. Clear and exact thinking is a very great necessity. It is, in fact, a sure means to advancement on the material as well as on the spiritual planes.

Now, whatever you can perceive, conceive and dwell upon till it hits your deep recesses, holding you captive and so consume you that you cannot do anything besides, you definitely can bring to life if you pursued its realization with every resource at your disposal.

The preoccupation of your mind on this specific subject rids you of any extraneous thoughts and places you in the realm of perfection in the thought faculty. There are no impossibilities just as there are no limitations except in your own mind.

This thinking is meditation, which maintains a thin line with orisons. If one meditates on profound things that align with the Words of the Master, such a one will eventually become one with the infinite Source. That’s the realm of incomparable perfection; beyond excellence.

The more man approaches unto the deep recesses of the Higher Being, the Infinite Source, in his daily thinking, and he gradually begins to see the results of this relationship, then he begins to shed the impure and desires more and more of the profound and pure.

Then he becomes one with HIM, the original estate he was in prior to the fall.