I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil. I the LORD do all these things: Isaiah 45:7

The mystery of darkness is the light within that comes up shortly after the dark. If you, by simple discipline and observation, focus your gaze and attention in darkness, you will get so accustomed to the gloom till you begin to see every object that moves within after some time because your eyes, being the light of your body, emit light. Nature and practice teach you that.

Darkness gives way to the Light because Light overcomes darkness. In the natural placement and order of things, both light and darkness co-exist; the day [light] goes out seamlessly at the close of each day for the night [darkness] to set in.

The Light made the darkness, thus even in darkness, the Light abides yet because the Creator is greater than HIS creation, the creature. And HE had to establish HIS presence [the dominion of Light] before proceeding on the task of creation because there must be a prevailing condition, situation or atmosphere for certain events to occur. Separation precedes the manifestation of goodness.

In life, men are possessed by either of two forces—light or darkness. This is Truth or Falsehood, Ego or Humility; and regardless of what spirit you are given over to, you co-exist with others in the field called the world. Depending on whom you are, if you are of the Light, you must walk circumspectly to ensure that you do not yoke with darkness – agents of retrogression, destruction, and everything but the Light.

Though all men co-exist just as the forces of light and darkness, do, light shields itself against the forays and arrows of darkness. This happens through circumspection and physical deeds influenced from positive engagements powered by the greatest divine essence that is made manifest to man – LOVE.

Good and Evil, occasioned by the fall of man, is ever present. This is the reason man must mortify the negative members present with him. These dwell in the spirit. Paul wrote in admonition to the Colossians, a body of believers in the Faith of Christ [the Eternal Life], requesting that they mortify or subdue through self-inflicted suffering, their members that are in the earth.

He was specific in his list of such members: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry. This mortification can be achieved through the power of the Spirit, the True Light.

Love overcomes hate, carnal jealousy, envy, uncleanness and every evil machination. To arrive at the point where you are no longer affected by the evil that men do against you, you have been purged and continuously rid of all negative thoughts, projecting light and attracting same to yourself. What you give out is what comes back to you. That is the law of sowing and reaping.

An online post I read goes thus:


A man and his son were walking in the forest. Suddenly the boy tripped and, feeling a sharp pain, he screams “AHHHH!” Surprised, he hears a voice coming from the mountain, “AHHHH!” Filled with curiosity, he screams: “Who are you?”, but the only answer he receives is, “Who are you?” This makes him angry, so he shouts, “You are a coward!” and the voice answers “You are a coward!”

He looks at his father and asks “Dad what’s going on?” “Son,” the man replies, “pay attention.”

Then he screams, “I admire you!” The voice answers, “I admire you!” The father shouts, “You are wonderful!” and the voice answers, “you are wonderful!”

The boy is surprised but still can’t understand what is going on. The father explains, “People call this an ECHO, but truly it is LIFE. Life always gives you back what you give out. Life is a mirror of your actions. If you want more love, give more love. If you want more kindness, give more kindness. If you want understanding and respect, give understanding and respect. If you want people to be patient with you, then be patient with them. This rule of nature applies to every aspect of our lives.

Life always gives you back what you give out… Your life is not a coincidence, but a mirror of your own doings. Choose your ECHO

 Choose your echo wisely because you get in exact proportion or even more [based on the Law of Sowing and Reaping/Multiplication] what you sow. The Law of multiplication can never fail. Same applies to attraction. The Universe where the Light dwells is governed by unbreakable and inimitable laws.

Regardless of whether you know that those laws exist or not, you are rewarded accordingly based on what you give. This is the reason the Master commands that you seek, ask, and knock. You must know the Truth and this awareness shall set you free. Ignorance is not an excuse. That you don’t know something doesn’t mean it’s non-existent.

When love takes over, you will be so rid of negative thoughts till you are always prepared to exchanged bad with good, darkness with light, selfish for selfless, and positive for negative.

Your power and inner strength lies in you exchanging the opposite of whatever negative force is projected or directed at you or presented to you with the positive. That is how you overcome evil with good.

Then, you are no longer bothered about what men do to you or against you to harm you. You merely see them as distractions and now you are wired for change because you are a true change agent living every single day like it’s your last. Nothing scares you anymore.

You thus live in rest; but to get to this point is to be sold to the process of regeneration, connecting to the Infinite One, x-raying your life daily by using the mirror of Revealed Truth.

A regenerative Force works at you; works on you and importantly works in you from within you, chasing out every speck of darkness steeped in unbelief and doubts of utter self-destruction. This self-destructive spirit is replaced with the faith to rise and live above mundane things of fleshly ego, distrust, perverseness and all semblance and fruit of unbelief.

You therefore radiate light from within; and then you can live blissfully to affect your environment and tribe or community. You are not influenced by negative external forces; rather you influence your environment through the aura that glows from within you.

Your life becomes truly meaningful; and that becomes your purpose as you are being that purpose.


Profound thoughts as this are considered by shallow minds often in the majority as a waste of time and an intrusion into the privacy. Man is funny; those things that liberate and set him free, he pushes away; but those things that hold him captive, he embraces. Man wants to rule and own the world but would have nothing to do with the Maker and Owner of the earth. Isn’t that ludicrous?

To own a thing, you must first acknowledge the maker and creator of that thing by paying the price attached to it. Only the Maker has the key to the earth and all of its abundant goodness; and you do not obtain the key by proxy. You do so through direct contact. Unfortunately, majority are not ready to sacrifice for and commit to this relationship.

When did “you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” become obsolete? When did the exhortation “Seek, ye shall find,” “Knock and it shall be opened to you,” and “Ask, ye shall receive” expire from the annals of natural laws?

It’s fantastic enough that it is written but beyond the writing, it is an eternal truth and men that walked in the Light ever before these words were written had the seal with the Only True Light in credence to this. They had the experience beyond the letter.

How could the question “How does this concern me?” be your thought now? If this is indeed your query, then there must be a very limit to such thinking. Are you truly wondering how this is of value to you? You have got to be kidding.

You cannot ever truly attain the height of your purpose in this sphere if you fail to reconnect with your Higher Self by first getting rid of every semblance of ego. There is no enduring or true success outside the acknowledgement of or connection to the Source of all things.

Regardless of what you are going through, no matter what colour of ball life throws at you, difficulties, which you dub spells of darkness, are only phases ordained to toughen and prepare you for the attainment of the goal before you.

Every man experiences their hour of darkness definitely. Some may experience it more than once but to what end does Nature permit this? The Master got to a junction in HIS short journey in this sphere that HE accepted and thus declared: “Now is the hour of darkness.” HIS hour of darkness meant light, deliverance, salvation, power, mercy, all goodness [soul, spirit, body], virtue, blessings, access to eternity and godliness for mankind; for as many as believe [accept the Work].

What would your own hour of darkness bring? The experiences of the difficult pages of your life are the seeds of opportunities that would propel you to true greatness if you persevere through; and you cannot if you do not perceive or understand it for what it is.

At the end of the dark channel, there is light. Let me share a story you may be probably aware of:

Steve Jobs was at a very seeming early night of his very prolifically productive and innovative career when he seemingly lost out in boardroom politics at Apple. That period, according to him, was a limbo and gloom, but it proved to be the most creative and innovative period of his career because it led to the birth of the I-Revolution, in which the iPod, the iPad and the rest of them were born.

You can see what light that a supposed night [darkness] of his life held and brought. He had to go through that limbo for his spark to come forth. What if he did not?


You, I, we all, have a choice or choices to make. Faced between Light and Darkness, Death and Life, Ego and Humility, which would you, most naturally, opt for?

You cannot be that being that you desire to be or seek to become; you cannot become that person of value and positive impact that you want to be; that you only see in your dreams if you give in to the negative force: darkness, death, ego, selfishness, and cupidity.

None of these forces wears any of these negative labels in the physical. Evil is often coated with sweetness like bitter anti-malaria drugs. It is often dressed in gay attire. Yet, the one with the propensity for it is attracted or bent to it anyway regardless of the guise it comes in.

No selfishly motivated or driven person seeks a higher purpose. All negatives must give way to the Light, which manifests life, humility and selflessness so that the Higher Self can take the driving seat in order to affect humanity in most uncommon and unusual ways.

The choice is exclusively yours to make.