Talent Management

Cerebral-Thrust take cognizance of the fact that organisations are made up of people, who create value through elaborate business processes, creativity & innovation, customer service, monetisation of products and more. No firm can meet its goals unless it has an unbroken and integrated talent management system.

We takeover clients’ burdens by providing top-notch services in the area of business plan, recruiting, on-boarding, performance management, training, succession management, compensation/benefits, leadership development and career growth.

Our talent management service offerings cater to the following:


Our recruitment service offering is specific in providing support for interviews to veto the culture-fitness of prospective staff for your organisation. We assist your team at the last stretch of the interview process to pick the fit candidates.

Workforce Planning

We help you develop a plan that integrates with your business plan to ease hiring, give advice on compensation budget and annual targets of same.


With our on-boarding service, we develop Welcome Packs for new hires, structure and deploy orientation programmes and assist you through the lengthy process of ensuring round pegs in round holes for maximum impact in your organisation.

Performance Management

Are you merely appraising your staff instead of executing the proper performance management processes for fear of not losing them to the competition? Your approach to their performance tell how well you can achieve your corporate goals.
With the effective use of your business plan/job roles, we handle this tactical HR process through specifically tailored & implementation models to seamlessly deal with your performance issues via effective appraisal management to drive growth.

Training and Performance / Competency Support

How capable and skilful your people are go a long way to ensure that your organisational goals are achieved. Our competency based interventions( emotional and executive intelligence) ensure continuous tightness of fit.

Our training function is a total 360 degree support system that transcends learning and development. All cadre of your workforce is involved to ensure continuous 5 Star performance for the attainment of audacious goals.

Succession Management

Beyond planning, we engage in a holistic application of the succession role to ensure that you remain in business by identifying critically important roles, developing competencies to fill needs and ensuring enduring organisational success.
Our experienced and trained consultants, advise on the right fit for positions, identify candidates through performance management initiatives and recommend/mentor same for specific managerial roles long before assumption.

Leadership Development

“Everything rises and falls on leadership”-John Maxwell. How far your organisation will go depends on the quality of leaders within your organisation. Whether you think leaders are born or made depends on how much you’re willing to do to position your firm for impact.

Irrespective of what leadership model you espouse, we at Cerebral-Thrust, through our pro-active leadership development initiatives grow leaders, who in turn see that other leaders are developed to bequeath an uncommon brand legacy. It’s a cyclical culture of excellence.

Compensation & Benefits

We provide quality advisory services in the area of aligning compensation with performance to ensure that benefits align with business goals, execution and personnel input. Do you reward performance as well as you punish nonperformance?

Career Growth

What can you do to make sure that your people are truly your people? How do you attract the right talent and retain them? How do you reduce staff turnover to a barest minimum: is it knowledge, responsibility or even money? One huge way of making sure you grow your firm is to show genuine interest in the career growth of your staff.

We help you inspire your people to see the brand as theirs. By displaying understanding of their self-fulfilment needs and allowing mastery in their creativity quotient, we support you to nurture your staff for an enduring tomorrow. This is the seal on your succession management ticket.

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