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School Leaders Training Interventions - Cerebral Thrust

School Leaders Training Interventions

Creativity and Innovation in Secondary School Management

School leadership has gone beyond the traditional master-servant relationship. Today, academic and otherwise goals are far from being achieved because of the failure of leaders to detach themselves from old and counter-productive management styles. With this creativity tool, school leaders are able to learn how to create enabling, other than dictatorial school environments that can spark off creativity and evolve a self-driven system.


Performance Management in School Administration/Accountability

⊕ Performance Appraisal Management: How do school leaders appraise the performance of their subordinates?
⊕ Motivation: Private & Public Participation: What is the role of government and corporate bodies in teacher motivation?


Team Building and Mentoring in School Administration

School leaders’ roles are better performed if leaders have the know-how to harness the human resource at their disposal and equip them with the right tools for performance. Just as teachers mentor students, leaders can effectively mentor staff and evolve a self-sustaining system that secures leadership succession.


Essential Leadership Skills for the 21st Century School Leader

This is an all-inclusive package to equip the 21st Century school leader with the requisite skills for a results-oriented school. The era of half baked school managers is long gone and only informed & agile managers can make the needed difference in the school system this century.

⊕ Communication & Interpersonal Skills: How well you communicate with your subordinates will determine how much you can achieve with them. Are your interpersonal skills top-notch?

⊕ Emotional Intelligence: How well do you connect with your people on a daily basis despite the diversity of culture, religion and other traditional entanglements that prevent creativity, innovation and support average performance and less?

⊕ Negotiation: You don’t have to be a professional negotiator to be adept at using negotiation skills for running your establishment. It is the mark of a total manager to exhibit this skill for optimum school management.

⊕ Facilitation: The skill of facilitation is central to a leader. How do you train your staff during termly retreats, within the school calendar and at other times? Are your presentation skills first rate?

⊕ Critical Thinking & Complex Problem Solving: No leader can lead beyond their reasoning. Your thinking skills tremendously impact your overall leadership. This effectively feeds crisis management capabilities.

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