Organisational Management

“25% of startups fail in their first year; 36% in their 2nd and 44% in their 3rd year after setup” in various industries in the United States ( Startups are not the only casualties here. Why do firms fail to reach their goals? It’s all about vision. No one has ever exceeded their vision.

At Cerebral-Thrust, we help you tweak and craft purpose driven company vision statements to match your business model, industry and drive you to achieve your purpose. We take the burden off you and secure your overall business success based on your raw and unbiased perceptions.

Small actions make a big difference. Your daily value of what you do for the client, and how you communicate this are all some keys you need to achieve your vision. This is where the worth of your idea is tested.

We support you every inch of the way to attract and retain customers via your offerings to them. We deploy practical lessons to initiate customer buy-in and help you stay true to your promises to deliver satisfaction. We make crafting your mission statement count to achieve this.

The values you hold dear and practise daily while serving the customer to achieve your vision, whether right or wrong, forms your culture. Beyond what you write on paper and engrave on walls, what you live true to will tell if your firm will outlive you or not.

Our consultancy offerings take you through the rigors of boldly transferring your lessons to your next generation. We help you stay transparent in all your dealings and hold your hands to navigate you through results-oriented service delivery.

Only teams win. A team based culture is a scare to the competitor. Building teams well adapted to the culture of your organisation takes time and can be an ordeal. We have evolved ways of ensuring that your people operate as a family unit with each group focused on their goals, drawing the lines between personal and organisational goals.

We bring an array of techniques to the table to ensure that you attract and retain only the right fit who can adapt to and sustain the culture you have built. We save you a lot too in this process considering the costs of staff replacement. Essentially, not every qualified hand can exhibit the total make-up required to help achieve and sustain your vision. We take that burden off you.

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