On What Are You Focused?

Whatever you focus on
Whether seen or unseen
Abstract or concrete
Tangible or intangible
Becomes your reality.

Many things happen around us
that we are unaware of;
Because we never focus on them
or even imagine them;
Yet they are all there.

We know in part
And speak in part
But perfection comes with
seeing the big picture; 
And that is when we learn 
to live outside ourselves; 
When we let go; and let God.

Losing our lives
Losing ourselves 
Though we yet have it;

All our challenges are gifts!

What kills us often
Are the things we invite and embrace;
But what gives us life
We push far away from us

For we focus not on
Those things that truly matter;

Because we live not our true image.

For as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said:

“We are spiritual beings having a physical experience;

 not physical beings having a spiritual experience.”

What we focus on is what we see
But if we live in the intelligence
Of what we were
Before we came to be here;
We shall see as we should see
And have a more holistic
And embracing view
Of it all…

For that’s limitless and infinite.

Think on these things…


25 SEPTEMBER, 2016.