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Multiple Literacies and Awareness - Cerebral Thrust

Multiple Literacies and Awareness


e live in a knowledge based age and time, so rapidly changing that it’s difficult to catch up with the mass of new intelligences emerging everywhere almost daily and multiplying per degrees.
To help align with this, we provide training for schools: students and otherwise, in the following underlisted areas to help build, equip, prepare and position them for a future that’s most uncertain. This is about the only way they can fit into this alarmingly growing world.

→ Civil Literacy

Our civil literacy offering is a knowledge based tool dedicated to informing young minds on the importance of knowing their rights. How does government and its agencies work? How do I, as a young person, play a role in exercising my rights and obligations as a citizen at any level and what are the consequences of the civic decisions I take on wherever I eventually decide to live? This course impacts lifelong civil competency from a young age.


→ Financial Literacy

It’s difficult to make money, and getting increasingly so, more difficult to keep it and much more difficult to grow it. However, this tool teaches young people about how money works, how to earn it through simple acts of developing habits of savings, investment and philanthropy. How do you make informed and correct financial decisions? Unless these skills are developed early on, they might be difficult to start, let alone maintain in adult years.


→ Health Literacy

Today, many suffer from not being able to live life free of diseases because they are either just ignorant or they lack the wherewithal to apply the knowledge at their disposal. This course provides awareness to young people on the need to invest time in reading, attempt to understand and use healthcare information to make appropriate health instructions for treatment and lots more. Life is more meaningful if you are healthy.


→ Visual Literacy

able to interpret and make out meaning from information presented in the form of an image. Pictures, they say, communicate a million messages but how does this daily apply to making life more meaningful? This is the strength of today’s visual digital learning, where images are made to communicate a lot of ideas.


→ Environmental Literacy

How can man take advantage of the benefits of an environment he is not aware of? What can ensure that man continues to be at peace in the environment he lives without being the very enemy he fights everyday? How much does man know or apply that he daily strives to contain every form of pollution? How can he decisively take action to ensure that environmental challenges are adequately addressed?


→ Global Awareness

This is the conceptual understanding of global & cultural perspectives with social, political, economic & environmental components. How do humans better understand similarities & differences among one another? How do we appreciate the impact of globalisation? How do we both learn about & appreciate diversity issues of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation & many continuously growing planetary challenges?

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