This time, like the past, and future
Is a gift if you perceive it so;
For often times
We’re never appreciative
Of common everyday occurrences:
Like “in everything give thanks”
So well is it said of this time:
“That many shall be thankless”
Thus, it is not a surprise.
The same being who ordained this time
Ordained the past and the future;
Today is the tomorrow you prayed to see yesterday
Why are you yet thankless?
Having seen the day then?

For the reason of ignorance
And being unthankful
You lose many bountiful blessings;
You waste this time in boredom,
You hiss each passing moment of each day,
You exchange irredeemable time,
With indolence and extraneous activity,
Loaded with emptiness, endless cravings and regrets;

Rather than being creative,
You wear away in complaints,
And muse in self-pity,
You wallow in less productivity,
Oblivious of the value,
Of your unexploited creative genius.

Now, occasioned by dire straits
Many of us are driven into negativity
And neglect the limitless abundance of positivity.
Present distressing conditions
Can be channeled otherwise
From moods of despair
Into radiating hope of exponential growth
If our thinking is given to such endowments
And our mindset alive to courage;

Now, that’s a mindset
Borne from within

Truly resourceful minds know
That some of the greatest moments of epiphanies
Are lurked in periods of seeming inactivity
In times of great needs
In recessive periods dugged with rejections;
But only in the mind exercised to use
Can these hatch into reality!

Imagine John on Patmos;
Imagine Jobs’ travails at Apple;
Imagine Viktor Frankl at the Nazi Camp;
Imagine Joseph in that Egyptian cell;
Imagine Daniel in the lion’s den;
Troubleshoot your imagination therefore.
What would you do?
After the passage of this time?
And conditions become favourable again?

Only then would you realize
How much of irretrievable time you lost
Because you chose inactivity
In the stead of creativity
Against many Eureka moments;

You swapped this productive time
With the non-productivity of self-appointed boredom!

Of what could have been
Your greatest source of inspiration
Your highest point of creativity….

Cease it…!
Live in the Moment…!

Think on these things…


July 12, 2016