Learning And Development

Cerebral-Thrust Learning and Development Unit (CTLD) is essentially training based. We offer top-class interventions using sundry methodologies/resources-videos, role play, and case studies; all learner centered and designed to effect a change in human and organisational behaviour.

Our faculties are tested professionals, influenced by top global business, management and cross industry leaders, using content well suited to client needs. We deliver trending solutions in down-to-earth modes to our learners to boost effectiveness and promote overall organisational capabilities.

Cerebral-Thrust Learning and Development (CTLD) is knowledge driven and people oriented.

   Training Programmes

Our capacity building training interventions are two-fold:
Educational and Executive.

21st Century Education School-Based Training

The 21st Century is an exponential one with knowledge and information growing at an unimaginably explosive rate. Only equally matching skills and abilities can match the challenges and demands that accompany such growth. This is what these array of courses equip learners with.

Executive Training Interventions

Our Executive training offering is a complete soft skills package designed specially for junior, middle and senior level managers and leaders. These courses are aimed at producing total managers and executives in any department of your firm to achieve totally agile organisation. See some of the courses in this offering.

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