Hope Is Yet Our Strength

The change promised of man
Presupposes that abundance
Shall the song be
Though we labour not;

All time absurdity our lot is
And in recklessness we flourish
Even while we increased
With both hands and feet feed we
Caring not for the rainy day.

So is our lot whether we lead or be led
A people beget leaders like themselves
For “the leaders cause the people to err
And into harm they lead them”;
To the Niger-Area this was not said.

Recession, I learn, is a song of nations:

At moments in time the tune erupts
A cycle indeed is it…
Now our time is 
For what goes around must around  come
Though nomenclature differ.
And in different guise it unfolds 
Yet its dance is same: hardship!

But is the great nation
To which many ignoramus look immune?
Isn’t she blindly in chains of debt?
Behold power is back in the East!

True leadership is Africa’s bane
But why villify the seeming saint
What ‘luck did not in abundance
Shall we expect in the frugal?
And lean earnings?

Why tarry in a song of sorrow?
Why wallow in the mire
seeing that we experience it yet?
What lessons must I, of this, learn?
Other than learn to live
and be thankful for these moments of despair?

For these only point to one: true greatness…

This is my hope
Not my despair
And in this shall I wait
While being thankful for seeing this.

In much thinking 
In much musing 
And in much adjustment 
Shall we find the path again 
But in this path lies our enduring greatness 
The path of many alternatives.

Hope is our strength yet
For we live yet…!

Think on these things…
1 October 2016