cerebral quotes 42

The man who avoids failure, criticism, resistance and skirmishes, has nothing to do with being accomplished.

Failure is education; criticism toughens; resistance is a mark that you’re on track, for if you’re resisted, it shows you got something to give; and skirmishes occur because you’re in an active working mode. Put all these together, you will find intentional living through consistent hard work in pursuit of specific life goals.

All of these are attributes of a proactive and success minded being. The man that’s set for accomplishment and attainment confronts and explores his fears, is not afraid of being criticized, welcomes criticism as corrections aimed at improvement and licks his wounds when injured because they form experiences that are needed to build strength and resilience to assuage harm.

The lessons that failure teach can’t be learned elsewhere because it was earned by failing forward and learning from it. This is what experience is the best teacher means. Through failure, we get better at specific tasks; and this is somewhat the greatest impact from self-development. Failure is practice; perfection comes from maturity, growth, injury and terrible experiences.

If we survive tough experiences, we become resilient, more aware but the most value is in the self-teaching that we undergo. Nobody can be better taught in the specific field concerned because experiential knowledge holds more premium value than theoretical.

I advise that you read the poem “When Nature Wants a Man” by Angela Morgan. It typically exemplifies this lesson.

And finally, a previous thought I expressed seems apt here: “Lessons are hard to learn but after they have been learnt through gruelling circumstances, they become experiences, which when shared are nuggets of wisdom.”