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Classroom Management Training Interventions - Cerebral Thrust

Classroom Management Training Interventions

Active Listening for the Classroom: Steps and Instructions

Did you know that listening is a teachable skill? And unless you are equipped with this skill, your class attainment may never go beyond average. This course teaches you the know-how of listening in the classroom environment.

Behaviour Contract and Modification

This course provides information about the uniqueness of every child and that some require more attention than others. The home and the school indeed have monumental roles to play to see that all children achieve irrespective of their abilities. Learn how the child’s behaviour can be modelled for valid attainments.

Creating an Academic Environment

Everyone is a product of the environment in which they were raised. Thus, we can achieve our academic goals if we create the right environment. But what makes an environment ideal for learning to effect the much needed societal change? This course is the tool that equips you with that

Classroom and Behaviour Management & Discipline

There are classroom behaviour expectations as there are limits to what is acceptable in same. This proactive course equips the teacher with the know-how of classroom self discipline and its application to the learners to achieve lesson objectives.

Handling Difficult Discipline Problems With Classroom Management Techniques

Only the right skills make a difference in managing difficult classroom problems. Having the right knowledge is good but applying same is better for effective results. This is more a reactive than proactive solution that equips teachers with the skills to solve tough deep-rooted classroom discipline issues.

Promoting Students’ Success: Every Student Can Succeed-Tips & Strategies

Every child is gifted in their own way; and unless we identify the strength of each, we would not be able to position them for the right career and purpose. This tool is designed to help instructors see that learning today has gone beyond ordering instructions; rather that teachers can only guide their children to excel.

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