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Beyond The Classroom Education Training Programmes - Cerebral Thrust

Beyond The Classroom Education Training Programmes

Critical Learning & Innovation Skills

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

This great tool is the solution for today. Man has lost the use of his brain resource and so he is plagued with a myriad of problems. This tool teaches thinking/solutions in most hitherto unthought of ways.

Communication & Collaboration

Great inventions do not just happen; they do through the force of clear communication and cooperation. This tool teaches both teachers and students how to pass across intended information and collaborate for remarkable results.

Creativity & Innovation

The days of rote learning are long gone. Today, children are inspired to learn by being tasked, provided relevant resources and guided. This sparks off creativity and innovation happens as they are able to explore for self-discovery of innate talent.

Life and Career Skills

Leadership & Responsibility

Leadership is about bearing the burden of others (followers) and taking responsibility for actions. This is exemplary service as leaders are servants to the people. This course teaches that leadership skills are cultivated from early on in life and that the totality of one’s experiences is meant to be deployed for the service of others..

Productivity & Accountability

This course impacts you with the skills set required to create premium products ( tangible or intangible): achieve set goals, manage time effectively, prioritise needs, be on top of situations that pertain to you and make you a total person. Helping to identify roles in this product creation process is also a key benefit of this resource..

Social & Cross-Cultural Skills

With the globalisation of talent, processes and exponential interactions courtesy of the world wide web, ignorance can no longer be excused. The ability to relate with people beyond physical domain boundaries is required to make a mark in the present mix. This course impacts you with the skills to be a world class citizen..

Building Teacher Networks & Collaborating Across Same

Monopoly of knowledge is not the preserve of anyone and indeed of any teacher. You can only achieve your teaching objectives if you build networks and collaborate with other teachers both in your locality and across climes. This course offers the know-how of building such competency.

Child Mentoring: A Performance-Driven Tool For Endless Possibilities

Formal student mentoring is a most underutilized tool in the school system today. Ideally, every teacher should be a mentor to the pupil but this is far from it. This programme deploys full student mentoring processes from conception to completion with the main objective of producing a total child adaptable to any clime.

Our teachers (mentors) are better in charge of their pupils and their in loco parentis role is better and easily achieved with a Mentor-Mentee relationship. The tough demands of the school environment and adequate support for the school counsellor are embedded in this resource. It’s a top-rate tool for school management system and insures enduring relationships.

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