About Us

Cerebral-Thrust Services is a Human Resources and Business Consultancy firm focused on identifying, unearthing and unleashing talent and culture-fitness for continuous individual fulfillment and organisational accomplishments.

We commit to the development of the human mind through need based, industry tailored training programmes, and human resources business consulting engagements for achieving personal and corporate objectives.

Cerebral-Thrust thrive on the strength of the Definite Chief Aim and on the fact that knowing one’s purpose for existence is an extraordinary achievement earned chiefly via structured processes of deep soul-searching and practical work-life experiences, with the end-product totally in agreement with pre-destiny.

We ensure that our clients deliver on their promises to their customers using our renewed total human management tools and mechanisms to achieve maximum results: boost performance and productivity.

Cerebral-Thrust avowed belief is hinged upon the possibility of all things so long as men adjust and daily apply themselves to achieve set goals.

Our passion is Africa in general and Nigeria in particular and we are invigorated to empower humans through the force of knowledge and its ability to transform for enhanced living.

We are building minds for the continent of Africa.

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