Organisational Management

How well your organisation is structured depends on how well the staff being on-boarded will align and perform.

21st Century Education School Based Training

This is divided into two namely; Critical Learning and Innovation Skills, Life and Career Skills.


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Content Development

Our content development services are specific. We develop content that are suited to different business needs of organisations. Advised by the quality of documents that support the business environment, we believe that the documentation process can be made more enterprising and effective to meet your needs.

Talent Management

Cerebral-Thrust take cognizance of the fact that organisations are made up of people, who create value through elaborate business processes, creativity & innovation, customer service, monetisation of products and more

Executive Training Interventions

Our Executive training offering is a complete soft skills package designed specially for junior, middle and senior level managers and leaders. These courses are aimed at producing total managers and executives in any department of your firm to achieve totally agile organisation.

All together: Together we rise…Herein lies our shared ownership: everyone here is a part of everything here.

Belief: We have absolute faith in what we do; to deliver total quality to clients and infect everyone we come in contact with.

Continuous Learning: We dare to make mistakes. This is key to our winning streak. Only the dead cease to learn.

Discipline: Nothing enduring is achieved without a culture of strict discipline.

To ace the dispensing and application of resourceful knowledge
We service clients by providing most practicable tools to nurture and engage the mind, build vision and achieve purpose.

Cerebral-Thrust Services is a Human Resources and Business Consultancy firm focused on identifying, unearthing and unleashing talent and culture-fitness for continuous individual fulfillment and organisational accomplishments.

We commit to the development of the human mind through need based, industry tailored training programmes, and human resources business consulting engagements for achieving personal and corporate objectives. Cerebral-Thrust thrive on the strength of the Definite Chief Aim and on the fact that knowing one’s purpose for existence is an extraordinary achievement earned chiefly via structured processes of deep soul-searching and practical work-life experiences, with the end-product totally in agreement with pre-destiny.

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